DIY Kits: and why I don't sell them

Why Don’t You Sell DIY Kits?

I get this question a lot…and I thought maybe it was time I address the real reasons why I have chosen not to, and never will, have a DIY kit on my website. It might be a bit of a lengthy read but I really hope that if you’re considering purchasing a DIY kit that you consider what I have to say in this blog post.

There are other makers in the market who offer DIY keepsake kits for the crafty ones out there who want to have that intimate experience of creating their own breast milk or memorial jewelry. And that is absolutely fine…for them.

The first and foremost reason as to why I don’t offer these kits is…Safety.

There is no hiding that one of the things I work with is resin. Epoxy Resin is a two part compound that when combined creates a chemical reaction to cure and solidify. Each type/brand of epoxy resin is different and has properties that vary from brand to brand.

Resin is a chemical. Handled improperly, horrible things can happen. “Uncured epoxy resin, hardener and diluent are powerful irritants. Skin contact with the hardening agent may cause severe burns. They can also cause a severe allergic contact dermatitis characterized by redness, swelling and itching. In addition, resin and may cause allergic reactions in the face, skin, nasal cavity, lungs and esophagus from breathing in fumes.” (source:

You don’t even have to touch this stuff to get a reaction…that’s how strong it is.

My second reason is Pride and Experience.

I built this business from the ground up, through trial and error. I took no online class or program to learn what I have worked so incredibly hard to build. The process I use, to my knowledge, is extremely different than the ones used from majority of the other breast milk and keepsake businesses.

I also don’t use a powder substance to preserve your milk as most keepsake makers and their DIY kits offer. But I can tell you that whatever is in those baggies is a chemical as well, and as safe as a DIY kit can be advertised, it’s still an unfamiliar chemical that you’re introducing into your home.

If I tossed 3 razor sharp knives at you and said “here’s an instruction sheet on how to juggle, good luck.” chances are you’d probably get hurt. This is how I personally look at DIY kits. Have I personally been burned by resin? Yup. Did it hurt like hell? Yup. Did I learn my lesson? Abso-freakin’-lutely!  I would be absolutely devastated if you or one of your kiddos experienced a chemical burn from working with any of the preservation agents or resins that are used in this business.

I am a professional DNA preservation artist. My studio is located away from my family and pets, there is no food preparation or consumption in my studio, making it the ideal location for my craft. I have proper ventilation, personal protective equipment and all the safety measures in place in case of a spill.
I have the knowledge, experience, tools, gear, education and dedicated space to make your keepsakes…chances are, you’d probably use your DIY kit in your kitchen, as more often than not, a stovetop is required. This is a public and busy space in your home and here you are turning it into a potentially dangerous chemical lab.

So in the long of it, this is why I have chosen not to sell DIY kits. I am not trying to discourage you from purchasing a DIY kit from a maker, but I am asking you to think long and hard about your decision first.

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