Care Guide

Care for the Keepsake
The longevity and quality of your keepsake is entirely determined by the recipient. The client understands that the jewelry care and guidelines serve to aid in the lasting quality of the jewelry and DNA stone. The care information is provided with each keepsake, as well as can be accessed online.

The keepsake stone should be treated with similar care to that of a pearl; while safe to get wet occasionally, no harsh chemicals or jewelry cleaners should be used.  For cleaning, a damp cloth should be enough.  For the occasional deep cleaning, a gentle soap (like Dawn) could be used with warm water – be sure to rinse completely and dry immediately.

If the base is sterling silver, please note that oxidization is a natural and possible outcome for any sterling silver jewelry, but tarnish can easily be removed by polishing with a cloth and storing in an airtight plastic bag with anti-tarnish strip.  While suited for everyday wear, it is highly advised that all pieces be removed when participating in activities such as, but not limited to, gardening, sleeping, showering, applying makeup, cleaning, and exercising.