Our Story
I began The Moon and Two Stars in 2016 after crafting a memorial keepsake in honour of my grandmother. I became fascinated by the science and art of preservation and began to experiment with my own breast milk. As a breastfeeding mother who made the decision to Exclusively Pump for my daughters, I understand the value and the weight a keepsake can mean to someone. Every single one of the inclusions received is treated with respect, care, and importantly, with love. I believe everyone has their reasons as to why they'd want to preserve something, and I am here to honour that. 

As both owner and craftsman of The Moon and Two Stars, I am the one-woman show behind every single step of the preservation and crafting process. I believe in providing a quality product, with a family friendly atmosphere. I want my clients to feel as comfortable talking and ordering from me as they would a close friend. 

What We Do
Here at The Moon and Two Stars, I work with a variety of materials to create unique and custom keepsakes. From breast milk, cremation ashes, hair, fur, previously dehydrated placenta, dried flowers and even most fabrics, I can encapsulate them forever in a timeless and treasured piece of jewelry. 

I take your inclusion, preserve it, and use it to create a one-of-a-kind “gemstone” that is handset into your choice of jewelry. My collection is proudly made in Canada, with our .925 sterling silver being sourced from mines in North America with respectable practices and, when possible, from recycled silver.

Who I Am
I am the mother of twin girls and am always finding ways to incorporate beauty, imagination and creativity into their lives. I’m an active member in my local Multiple Births Chapter where I offer support to my community and families with newborns and encourage other mothers to meet their breastfeeding goals, whether it is by nursing or pumping. When I’m not working or with my daughters, I’m reading, watching movies, spending time in nature, and laughing with my husband in our home in rural Ontario.

Photo credit: Lace & Lavender Photography, London Ontario