How do I order?
You can place your order through this website.

Do you offer flecks or shimmers?
Yes! We offer a fantastic collection of Shimmers and Flecks to add to your keepsakes, but it’s important to understand the difference between the two. You can read more about the difference between Shimmers and Flecks by following this link here.

How do I mail you my inclusions?
Depending on your inclusion chosen, it varies. Please read our Mailing Guide for clarification.

Can I use frozen breast milk?
Absolutely yes! I’ve crafted from a frozen bag of milk that was long lost and forgotten in the back of a freezer for years. Our only requirement is that frozen milk be completely thawed before mailing, and it doesn’t need to be kept cold during shipment.

How much do I need to mail?
Depending on your inclusion chosen, it varies. Please read our Mailing Guide for clarification.

Where do I need to mail?
The address on where to mail your inclusions are in the confirmation email.

What is the turnaround time?
Due to the hand-crafted nature of the pieces and the multi-step preservation process, our current production time runs from 8-10 weeks from the day that the inclusions are received. Please note this was a pre-pandemic turnaround time and currently am unable to offer a guaranteed completion date. For more detailed information, please read this Update Regarding Turnaround Time. 

How do I figure out my ring size?
We highly recommend going to a jeweler or jewelry store to get measured. Charts online can vary significantly and it’s best to know for sure what your finger size is. Any store that sells jewelry should have one, even stores that sell costume or novelty jewelry. We work in US sizes, and can do full and half sizes.

Do you offer gold or rose gold rings?
One of the things we pride in our work is the purity of our jewelry, in the DNA stone and the bases it’s held. At the time being, we craft with either .925 silver or surgical grade steel for hypoallergenic purposes. The silver is ethically sourced from mines in North America with respectable practices and, when possible, from recycled silver. Gold is expensive and often a mix of metals because pure gold is too soft to make jewelry with, and rose gold is a mix of copper and gold. So in short, no, we don’t currently offer gold or rose gold pieces. We take pride in the silversmith talents used to make our bases, and we hope you’ll see that too.

Do you offer custom designs?
At this time we are unable to offer custom designs outside of our product catalogue. 

Can I change or alter my order after I have placed it?
By placing an order and completing a purchase with The Moon and Two Stars, the client is expressing agreement and understanding of all shop policies, terms and conditions which are detailed here Shop Policies

How do I know you’re using my breast milk/inclusion?
Honestly, we have no way of proving this. Our preservation process is very lengthy and complex. What we can do is tell you is; Yes. Absolutely yes. Yes, only your inclusions are used, and yes, that is your breast milk in there. We wouldn’t be so passionate about what we do if it meant lying to our clients.

If we can reassure you that by knowing that we are a small company, we give each and every piece we make respect and integrity. I'm a one-woman show who handles everything from the minute it's received, to preserving, crafting and shipping the completed piece back to you. We also want you to know that each order is given a unique order number, and that number stays with the inclusion throughout the entire process. Your inclusions are marked, tagged, and identified only by that number. We also only craft one item at a time to ensure there is no confusion or mistakes made.

We hope this can comfort you knowing that when you send your inclusions to The Moon and Two Stars, you are getting a promise that your keepsake is genuine.

I still have a question, who should I ask?
Please message our Facebook page or send us a message on the Contact Us page of this site.