Important Update Regarding Turnaround Time


For the sake of not sounding like a broken record, as this is something I have been touching on since June 2020, I do ask that everyone takes an opportunity to read and understand the following.

Pre Covid, I asked for 6-8 weeks from the day I received your inclusions to create your keepsakes, which is fairly standard and comparable to other DNA artisans in the industry, some artisans even asking for 16-20 weeks completion time. Turnaround time is based on the time your inclusions are received, not from the date of order. Turnaround time does not include how long the mail systems take to send your order back home to you. If you wanted something completed, let’s say for Christmas, you should plan accordingly and be placing your order and sending your inclusions, by the latest, September.

I collaborate with other beautifully talented artisans for your pieces, and I ask for your understanding if your item exceeds our stated original turn-around time. Every single one of your pieces are made to order, by hand, by these talented individuals and then mailed to me for me to be set and finish. While your jewelry bases are being created, I am preserving and dehydrating your inclusions, and then casting your DNA stones. When the bases arrive, I set them, polish them one last time and lovingly package them up to send them home to you.  This level of care and attention to detail is what sets my business apart from mass-manufactured businesses of whom have hundreds of employees at their disposal, caring more about mass distribution than quality.

In our current world, the postal services are overwhelmed and understaffed, everyone is shopping online, and I’m currently living in an area that has very strict lockdown procedures. The closest large mail sorting depot to me currently has an outbreak of Covid and I cannot imagine the stress of being an employee there, especially if I had high risk family at home. Whether you believe in the severity of the pandemic or not, we are not living in the world we once knew. People are scared and overwhelmed, and this takes a toll on everyone’s collective mental health.

I do ask for your patience and understanding of what is out of my control, such as mailing times between all parties involved, so I am repeating this official statement that I do not currently have a defined turnaround time.

I truly wish I did, but I cannot promise you a time that it will be finished. Please know that I still am doing absolutely everything in my power to have these completed in a timely manner. This is not how I like to run my business, but my choices are either have you wait a little longer for your beautiful keepsake, or close my doors until a level of “normalcy” returns to our world. I know I’d prefer to keep making your pieces, as I absolutely love what I do, so I am asking for your understanding.

Stay safe. Stay healthy.

The Moon and Two Stars