Grief, Happiness and Holding Space


"Holding space for a stranger's grief and then moments later holding space for another stranger's joy takes a strength that's taken for granted."

A friend of mine recently shared with me a video of another keepsake maker publicly sharing the private details of a customer while making a memorial piece for a small child. It was an emotional and difficult video to watch.

I cannot, and will not, do this. Your personal grief is not something I feel is something for me to get Likes and Follows off of. This morally goes against everything I stand for as a business owner, as well as a human being. 

But saying that, I do get overwhelmed by your stories. When I receive those ashes, those hair clippings, those last milliliters of breastmilk and the story you chose to share with me, I feel the weight of what those items mean to you. 

I have cried over someone's loss, composed myself, wiped away the tears and turned around and celebrated with a mama who reached a milestone in breastfeeding. I put so much of my heart into what I do. I feel the sadness in your losses, I feel the joy in your triumphs. I feel the struggle of your experience and the love you have for this journey of yours. 

I read a quote that said the most successful business owners are emotion-less and cutthroat...and I guess by that definition I am not successful. But knowing I am someone that you feel safe enough sharing these intimate parts of yourself with, that to me is the ultimate measure of success.