I am not Amazon...

I am genuinely crying as I write this. I thought about whether or not I should post it, but I feel like if I didn't I wouldn't be being honest with all of you beautiful people.

I am not Amazon.

Your keepsakes aren't pre-made and ready to go when you order them, meaning all I have to do is slap a shipping label on them and mail them out. The preservation process is multi-stepped, not to mention the creation of the jewelry bases.

This takes time.

I also don't carry an inventory, all of your keepsakes are made to order when you order with your size and style and design in mind. I do this for multiple reasons, the main being so I can pass that savings on to you because I don't have to carry an overhead. I would have to carry over 300 rings just to have one in every size and in every style that I offer, and there's no guarantee that all those sizes and styles will sell.

The world I'm running my business in right now isn't the world I started it in. I never planned to run a business during a global pandemic and work around all the side effects that trickle down from that, including overwhelmed postal services.

While I'm waiting, I am still making, I am still working, and I am doing everything I can to make sure your pieces are getting back home to you in a timely manner.

From the bottom of my heart, to all of my amazing clients both past and present, your understanding means so much to me.

Stay safe and healthy my friends