Mothers Day is coming...and this is what she wants

Mothers Day is this Sunday…and do you know what she wants?

It’s not flowers, it’s not jewelry. it’s not noodle art or “Mama Bear” t-shirts. It’s not even the day off, getting a break from making dinner or breakfast in bed.

Do you know what she really wants? She wants you to take the picture.

And this isn’t just a gift suggestion for partners. Does your friend have kids? What about your daughter, sibling, or niece? You too can give this beautiful gift.

I challenge you to go to her Facebook or Instagram page and find 5 photos of her and her children that aren’t either selfies or photos she paid a photographer to take of her.

Go ahead. I’ll wait here.

Welcome back. Your camera is in your pocket and, if you’re reading this, then it’s already in your hand. If your photography skills aren’t up to par, there are hundreds of photographers on all social media platforms who offer free quick and easy tips on how to take a good photo. It’s surprisingly easy to take a simple candid, and flattering, photo.

She is constantly present for her kids, and yet the photographic evidence suggests that she’s not even there. There is such a minimal effort required on your part to see the moments and snap a picture or two when she’s reading to them at bedtime, chasing them around the yard or cuddling on the couch, and yet the return value of having these candid and intimate photos of her with her children without her arm outstretched in the corner will be appreciated more than you will even realize.

This Mother’s Day...take the picture.