Fleck Options -- ADD ON ONLY
Fleck Options -- ADD ON ONLY
Fleck Options -- ADD ON ONLY
Fleck Options -- ADD ON ONLY
Fleck Options -- ADD ON ONLY

Fleck Options -- ADD ON ONLY

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This is an add-on purchase to your existing order.

Please note that Flecks and Shimmers are a great way to add colour or texture to your inclusions. Shimmers are pigmented, while Flecks reflect colour into the inclusion.

This listing is for Flecks only. For our Shimmer options, please follow this link here. 

Use flecks to represent birthstones or your favourite colour.
Flecks are shown without inclusions to show their true colour.
You can combine flecks and shimmers, or choose one or the other.

Shimmers are highly recommended in the use of cremation ashes to “soften” the look. If you’re not interested in “colouring” your inclusion (milk or ashes) but want to add a slight shimmer, we do have a “colourless” shimmer called “Starlight” which is available.

Keep in mind the colour of your inclusion may alter the look or appearance of the finished product. Like any artistic process, there is no way to guarantee a certain “look”, as the stone sets; it takes on a mind of its own. Please note that all screens display colours differently and final product may differ from screen to in person.

To understand more about the difference between Shimmers and Flecks, please read this blog post here


Fleck Colours
1. Galaxy Flecks – Base of purple with hints of blue. 
2. Neptune Flecks – Base of light blue with hints of lavender and green.
3. Uranus Flecks – Base of blue with hints of green.
4. Comet Flecks – Rainbow base pick up light with hints of pink, blue and gold. 
5. Mars Flecks – Base of red with hints of pink and gold.
6. Halley Flecks – Base of white with hints of blue and purple.
7. Jupiter Flecks – Base of green with hints of gold.
8. Pulsar Flecks – Base of lime green with hints of gold.
9. Nebula Flecks – Base of pink with hints of purple and rainbow.
10. Meteor Flecks – Base of dark green with hints of blue.
11. Saturn Flecks – Base of yellow with hints of gold.
12. Aurora Flecks – Base of lavender with hints of gold and green.
13. Dark Moon Flecks - Base of black with vibrant rainbow hints
14. Mercury Flecks - Base of silver with hints of rainbow.
15. 3PO Flecks - Base of gold with hints of rainbow.
16. R2 - Base of royal/medium blue.

Flecks & Shimmers Recommended for Mimicking Birthstones:
January – Garnet – Mars Flecks or #9 Red Shimmer
February – Amethyst – Aurora or Galaxy Flecks, or #12 Purple Shimmer
March – Aquamarine – Neptune Flecks or #7 Sky Blue Shimmer
April – Diamond – Comet, Halley or Mercury Flecks, or #10 Silver Shimmer
May – Emerald  Meteor or Jupiter Flecks, or #11 Green Shimmer
June – Pearl – Comet Flecks or #10 Silver Shimmer
July – Ruby - Mars Flecks or #9 Red Shimmer
August – Peridot – Pulsar Flecks or #5 Lime Green Shimmer
September – Sapphire – Uranus or R2 Flecks or #2 Blue Shimmer
October - Rubellite Tourmaline – Nebula Flecks or #4 Fuchsia Shimmer
November – Citrine – Saturn Flecks or #3 Yellow Shimmer
December - Blue Topaz – Uranus or R2 Flecks or #2 Blue Shimmer