Large Teardrop Pendant

Large Teardrop Pendant

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This sterling silver teardrop charm is the big sister to the small teardrop charm. She is a sweet and simple way of commemorating your breastfeeding journey or loved ones ashes. This unfortunately cannot accommodate other inclusions.

The setting is approximately 10mm x 14mm.

Price includes traceable shipping for North America. Please inquire for other countries.

This setting can accommodate: breast milk, cremation ash, previously dehydrated placenta (capsules), dirt/sand or crushed petals. 

Due to the variety of chain length preferences, one is not provided. Chains can be purchased at a reasonable price from a local jeweler or retail store.

This listing is for ONE pendant.

Instructions on how to mail inclusions will be detailed at checkout.


Please note that this listing is for the keepsake as is -- no flecks or shimmers. 

To add Flecks and Shimmers to your keepsake, to your keepsake, please add them to your cart from the main menu. 
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